The goal has always been to make weight loss and workouts easier and hopefully more enjoyable for anyone who wants to do it.

And 2023 clients had terrific successes, achieving an average weight drop of 45.9 pounds, 90% of which was body fat (41.3 pounds).

Keep reading to learn more about how you can get reliable results, just like these successes!

Before-and-after photos illustrating drug-free weight loss success
Male 50s Before and After a Drug-Free Weight Loss

3 Drug-Free Phases 

Description of Phase 1 Weight loss

Reduce Your Burden

Embark on your transformation by adapting your lifestyle to induce a reliance on stored body fat for daily energy.

This energetic shift not only reduces excess water weight and inflammation, but also enhances appetite control.

Experience a reliable reduction of up to 25% of your excess body weight, enhancing motivation for Phase 2. Here, the focus sharpens on optimizing body composition by further correcting water balance and achieving impressive fat losses weekly.

Description of Phase 2 Weight Loss

Renew Your Body

Dive deeper into your process to trim another 25% off your excess weight.

But, it’s not just about shedding pounds – we’re now aiming to maximize fat losses while preserving muscles using proven methods.

Upon reaching the halfway mark, shedding 50% of excess weight, it’s time for Phase 3. Here, now 50% lighter, we can pick up work on your exercise capacity, tolerance, and resilience, all essential contributors to the durability of your weight loss.

Description of Phase 3 Weight Loss

Reveal Your Self

Your journey culminates with exercise leading you to your next level of success.

As you reduce your remaining excess body weight, the maintenance phase awaits, recognizing that sustaining a change is unique for each individual.

Prepare to refine your approach and embrace the remaining steps ahead.

Image Showing Obese Female Blood Pressure Measurement
Image Showing Fingertip Blood Sampling
Image Showing Female Resting Metabolic Measurement
Image Showing Client Using an InBody 770
Image Showing InBody 770 Obesity Analysis
Image Showing Private, One-on-One Gym Space
Image Showing 50s Couple Happy With Their Transformations


In this phase, clients transition from active weight loss efforts to focus on maintaining their newly reached ideal weight.

As they shift focus, vigilance in monitoring and making prompt adjustments becomes paramount.

To support this transition, regular reviews and substantive personal training remain vital components for up to 5 years. This timeframe is referenced throughout the longitudinal health research, confirming its significance for lifelong control of body weight.

Image Showing Male Personal Trainer From Behind

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